Zopec Explore 5500

$525.00 USD

Designed for power protection to sleep using CPAP with humidifier for a minimum 8 hours (depends on settings). Plug in 24/7 under the nightstand and no more waking up with power outages! Fast Car Charger Included! For extended power outages, powerful Zopec PHOTONS Solar Chargers (60Pro, 100Pro) available for a separate purchase. Very versatile for power outages and can also run lift chairs, lift stairs, TV, lights, internet modems, laptops, and phones to stay connected. Still small and light weight for camping and air travel. FAA/TSA Compliant. NOTE: CPAP Battery is an FSA and HSA Eligible Item.


Additional Features



  • Common Uses: UPS backup for CPAP power protection using Heated Humidifier with a minimum 8 hours of backup run time. (Not for Heated Tube)

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Function: Uninterrupted sleep when power outages occur! UPS supports CPAP with Humidifier use. Must Turn Off Heated Tube. UPS type is Online Double Conversion UPS with Automatic Zero Time Switch, which provides the most advanced UPS power protection.

  • Panasonic Lithium Ion Cells: Same brand as premium Tesla vehicles use! Smallest, lightest, best quality!

Zopec Explore 5500

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