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Home Sleep Study

Order a Sleep Apnea Test and get Sleep Apnea Diagnosis in the comfort of your home!
If you think you may have sleep apnea, you can get formally diagnosed by using our home sleep testing equipment approved by FDA and Health Canada.

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Get Tested

Home Sleep Apnea Test

Our disposable and fully equipped home sleep study skips the hassle of getting tested at a sleep lab. No appointment necessary.
Here’s how it works:

Complete a Short Intake Form

Order your sleep test and complete the intake form that will be sent to you by email. The completed form will give us a better understanding of your current sleep quality.

Sleep with Testing Equipment

Receive your home sleep testing equipment and use it for one night. Your sleep behaviors are accurately recorded and securely transmitted through a downloadable phone app.

Results Are Sent Directly to You

Independent, licensed sleep physicians analyze your results and email you your simple graphical report and a PAP therapy prescription if it's recommended.

Your Effortless Home Sleep Test

Accurate results without the bulk and complexity.


The fully disposable, simple, and reliable home sleep test.

  • Clinically validated Sleep Architecture that provides accurate information on sleep staging, sleep efficiency, and sleep and REM latency.
  • Prevents misdiagnosis by calculating apnea-hypopnea index and respiratory disturbance Index using true sleep time.
  • Measures 7 channels: PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tone) Signal, heart Rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring, and chest motion using 3 points of contact.
  • Fully Disposable – No risk of infection or need to clean and return your device.
What's Included
  • WatchPAT One Wrist Device and attached Chest Sensor and Finger Probe.
  • Step by Step Instructions Guide
Good for individuals that
  • Have potential sleep apnea symptoms.
  • have concerns about sleeping away from home or sleeping while wearing a lot of equipment.
  • Are in the process of being diagnosed with sleep apnea but are unable to get through the lengthy polysomnography sleep study queues.

Receive Your Comprehensive Report in Just a Few Days

How you slept is broken down into easily understandable tables and graphs putting
knowledge on your sleep at your finger tips.

Snoring Statistics

Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI)

Pulse Rate Statistics

Sleep Stages Charts

Sleep Summary

Oxygen Saturation Statistics

Oxygen Saturation Statistics

Your Rx is Included

Your physician's recommendations are an easily accessible part of your report as well as a prescription for PAP therapy if you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea. No need to look anywhere else, everything that you need to begin therapy is here.

Have Questions or Concerns About Sleep Testing?

We’re here to support you and your sleep quality.

There are an estimated 4 sleep testing beds per 100,000 Canadians in Ontario only.
Other provinces are at or below 1 sleep testing bed per 100,000.

Good things come to those who don't wait.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea continues to be underdiagnosed with severe costs to the health of Canadians that suffer from it. Your sleep can’t wait for traditional sleep tests while the health risks add up.

Believe It or Not, Sleep Testing Can Be Convenient

It’s easy to see why home sleep studies are quickly becoming the most
popular way to diagnose sleep apnea.

Traditional Sleep Study

A time consuming process that can take several appointments and multiple sleep studies over the course of months to get diagnosed. Your comfort is secondary when sleeping in unknown environments while wearing bulky equipment.


Home Sleep Study

Your home sleep test only needs to be used once from the comfort of your own home and on a day that's most convenient for you. Your results will follow only a few days after you
complete your test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home sleep study?

A home sleep study is an overnight assessment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that can be completed within your home. Home sleep studies can be a watch device which may include a finger probe and chest sensor to capture your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory activity, and more.

Has there been any research about the effectiveness of home sleep study compared to level 1 sleep testing?

A number of research studies have been conducted to compare the accuracy and effectiveness of our home sleep study equipment with traditional in-lab sleep testing.

A Meta-analysis by Yalamanchali et al. (2013) has concluded that "strengthened by the blinded design of most of the included studies, this technology represents a viable alternative to PSG for confirmation of clinically suspected sleep apnea."

A research study by Jen et al. (2020) concluded, "findings support that WatchPAT may be used to detect OSA accurately in patients with COPD."

A study by Carey et al. (2020) concluded that "WatchPat® is the only HST that proports calculations of total sleep time. It appears to be a viable option for advanced HF and OHT patients with limited access to in-lab PSG".

WatchPAT ONE Product Information

WatchPAT ONE Clinical compendium

Will I be eligible for provincial health plan coverage from taking this test?

This test is a level 3 home sleep study and is not eligible for provincial health plan subsidy programs. To qualify, you will require a referal from your general practitioner to a level 1 overnight study.

Will a home sleep study reveal other sleeping disorders?

Home sleep studies are capable of capturing information for diagnosing sleep apnea and they are not able to fully capture information for diagnosing other sleeping disorders.

Traditional polysomnography sleep studies can assess you for more sleep disorders. This type of sleep study requires a referral to an overnight sleep lab and sleeping with more equipment.

How long will it take to receive my comprehensive sleep report?

After you’ve slept with your test, the results will be transmitted to a licensed sleep therapist for review. This process takes 2-3 business days.

What information will the WatchPAT ONE report include?

AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) – The number of events within 1 hour where the airway is completely or partially obstructed for at least 10 seconds. This determines the severity of your sleep apnea.

CAHI (Central Apnea Hypopnea Index) – The number of events within 1 hour where no airflow occurs in an unobstructed airway for at least 10 seconds. This determines the severity of your central sleep apnea.

Apnea Episodes – Amount of sleep apnea episodes during the entire duration of sleep.

Snoring and Body Position – Detects snoring loudness and the following body positions during sleep: sit, prone, left, right, supine, and N/A.

Oxygen & Heart Rate – Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate (BPM). AHI/CAHI and blood oxygen levels determine sleep apnea severity.

Sleep Stages – Graph of wake and sleep stages light sleep (NREM stage 1 and 2), deep sleep (NREM stage 3), and REM sleep.

Body Positions Statistics and Graphic Display – Graphical representations of the time spent in a position.

Snoring Statistics – Average snoring loudness as well as the time spent at all snoring sound levels during sleep.

Sleep Stages Graphic display – Graphical displays for sleep/wake states and sleep stages.

RDI (Respiratory Disturbance Index/Respiratory Indices) Chart – Represents respiratory distress during sleep like AHI, but also includes respiratory-effort related arousals (RERAs). RERAs are respiratory events that disrupt breathing during sleep causing you to wake up.

AHI Severity Scale – Indicates sleep apnea severity. An AHI below 5 is none/minimal. An AHI greater or equal to 5 and below 15 is mild. An AHI greater to or equal to 15 and below 30 is moderate. And an AHI above 30 is severe.

Is only one night of testing enough to provide accurate results?

The WatchPAT ONE calculates AHI and RDI using your true sleep time instead of the recorded time of the sleep study, reducing the risk of a sleep apnea misdiagnosis by up to 20%. Other sleep tests may require several tests to paint an accurate picture.

What if I’m unable to sleep for a full 8 hours during the sleep study?

The WatchPAT ONE requires a minimum valid sleep time of 90 minutes to generate a report. To generate a report with a broader view of your sleep quality, it’s recommended that you sleep for as long as you’re able to while wearing the sleep test.

Does the prescription need to be used on

You’re free to use your prescription in any physical or online store that sells PAP therapy equipment and requires a valid prescription.

Can I use the WatchPAT ONE for another sleep study?

The WatchPAT One is designed to be a single-use product and the device will not work in subsequent sleep studies. If you would like to try another sleep test, you would need to purchase another WatchPAT ONE device.

How do I dispose of the WatchPAT ONE device once the sleep study is complete?

Once you have completed your test, help us be environmentally conscious by returning your device through the WatchPAT ONE Green Program. Follow this link, fill out the necessary information, and a prepaid label will be generated for your return.

You can also take the device to your local electronic and battery recycling facility if you have trouble accessing this page. Please follow local governing ordinances and recycling instructions when disposing or recycling this device and batteries.

Thanks for caring about the environment!


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