ResMed AirSense 10™ Side Cover

$22.00 USD


Side Cover for ResMed AirSense 10™ series is an optional accessory that replaces the humidifier of The AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 PAP devices. A perfect solution for individuals who only require humidity for specific seasons or wish to decrease the size of their machine for travel. Using this accessory will disable your humidity setting. Light grey is intended for use with the AirCurve™ 10 and AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her.

Additional Features



  • Protects the inside of the PAP device while allowing you to remove the humidifier.

  • Reduces the size and weight of the PAP device making it easier to travel with.

ResMed AirSense 10™ Side Cover

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