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Full Face CPAP Masks: Are They Right for You?

Full Face CPAP Masks: Are They Right for You?

As with any medical gear, selecting the right type of facial mask for use in conjunction with a CPAP machine is of great importance to treatment effectiveness and comfort during sleep. There are basically different types of masks; however, full face CPAP masks present are more preferred by the users. In this full face CPAP mask article, we shall be looking at the features of full face CPAP masks, the advantages, and disadvantages as well as the top brands that are currently in the market with the hope that at the end of this article you will be in a position to decide whether full face CPAP masks are suitable for you.


What are Full Face CPAP Masks?

Lastly, full face CPAP masks are those that come with a coverage over both the nose and the mouth, and a seal is made around the edges of the given mask. This design ensures that air is delivered to both the nasal and mouth regions, enabling a more comfortable wear of the mask. Full face CPAP masks are most suitable for users with mouth breathe or those who have congestion, and the nasal.


Benefits of Full Face CPAP Masks

Suitable for Mouth Breathers: Indeed one of the biggest strengths of the full face CPAP masks is that they are suitable to those who breathe through their mouth when sleeping. For that user who has a habit of opening the mouth when asleep or suffers from regular nasal obstruction, full-face CPAP masks will still allow one to breathe as desired.


Reduces Dry Mouth: To the people who wake up with their mouths open due to breathing through the mouth during sleep, full face CPAP masks come in handy as they ensure that there is a steady flow of air through the nose and the mouth.


Effective for High Pressure Settings: Specifically the full face masks are designed to be more effective and generate higher pressures compared to the nasal masks or the nasal pillows. A larger surface area makes it easier to spread the pressure more evenly making it less likely that the wearer will feel uncomfortable or that the pigskin will split and begin to leak.


Stability and Secure Fit: Full face CPAP masks chiefly give a firm seal, and there are several straps applied to maintain the mask in position. It also ensures stability which comes in handy for users who may be very active during their sleep.


Disadvantages of full-face CPAP masks

Bulkiness: Many users also prefer full face CPAP masks over the nasal only option due to the size of the former. The mask design is slightly bulky and there is some initial adjustment needed in order to get the fit right if you’re choosing a larger design – if you’re after a shinier, sleeker mask look then this design might not be for you.


Potential for Air Leaks: Yet as stated, full face masks are commonly wear to give a tight connection but irregular fitting or wrong adjustments can cause air leakage. Preventing this problem is possible by paying attention to correct matching of the appropriate content to a specific target client.


Pressure on the Face: Every user will, however, observe that a full face mask rests on the face and some users may even find it rather pressing on the bridge of the nose or the forehead. To partly avoid this issue, soft cushion designs are prudent but it could always be an issue for particularly sensitive users.


Impact on Sleep Position: Related to becoming fully face masked some may not be able to roll over or sleep facing down as with other sleep masks. As far as side sleepers are concerned it is more likely they will need to angle their pillows or position their head to more comfortably support the mask.


Top Choices for Full Face CPAP Masks

ResMed AirFit F20: It also has a soft and bare-down design, makes a stable seal, and supports high-pressure settings in its use. InfinitySeal cushion is specially designed in such a way that it can fit various structure of a human face, therefore, making it functional for many users.


Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face: This mask can be singled out by one key feature – the tubing is worn on top of the head which can; eliminate the issue of the tubes entangling the hair and interferes less with the movements during the night.


Fisher & Paykel Simplus: The frame of the Simplus for SCBA is simple while the RollFit seal conforms to facial movements thus giving it a comfortable fit. The structure and ergonomics of it makes the process of cleaning and maintaining the product a comprehensive success, particularly due to its modularity that allows for assembly and disassembly of each part without undue strain on the user.


ResMed Mirage Quattro: This model is described as customizable due to the presence of a MicroFit dial for the perfect design around the nose bridge. This ensures a tight fit and minimizes air leaks that may bring about draughts in the rooms that are to be conditioned.


Amara View by Philips Respironics: However, the Amara View has a bit different design that allows to avoid direct contact with the face and at the same time ensure that the mask would fit tightly. Its under-the-nose cushion design provides better and more comfortable support peculiarities with fewer pressures.



For most of the CPAP users, full face masks are a popular choice especially if the user breathes through his mouth or if he is using higher pressure levels. This can be helpful during side sleeping and appear somewhat bulky initially, but the solidity and the versatility provided by these masks can improve the functionality of CPAP immensely. As is clearly illustrated in this discussion, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to full face CPAP masks, therefore, users should be able to determine the necessary modifications and choice taking into account the pros and cons. Whether you decide to go with the ResMed AirFit F20 for its soft and unobtrusive fit or the Philips Respironics DreamWear for its state of the art design, a full face CPAP mask can make a significant difference in your sleep and overall well-being.


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